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Authentic Indian & Pakistani food.

Made by mothers

Infused with warm spices

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Housewives and mothers.

At Bollyfood, we're proudly trying to showcase the diversity, that Indian and Pakistani food has to offer. We believe that our small menu ensures that every dish is made with passion and love. We also believe in the quality of a proper home cooked meal, which is why our kitchen is run by housewives and mothers, who is using traditional and authentic recipes that have been passed down for generations.

As our co-founder, Caroline, studied the barriers to integration for muslim women, and knew how important employment is for true integration, she wished to create a business concept facilitate this for these women in Denmark. Together with our other founder, Babar Jamal's desire for a place to fulfill his nostalgia of an authentic Pakistani meal, Bollyfood was the perfect place to achieve both these visions.

Bollyfood is a colorful oasis located in the old meat packing area of Copenhagen, and sits besides lots of other interesting bars and restaurants. 


Bar Khana is our cocktail bar. We use the different spices from our kitchen in the making of our drinks.

We also serve Indian beers such as Cobra and Kingfisher. 

Bar Khana
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